30. nothing & nobody

If you dont know me by now;

I am everything & everyone
Creator of The Mighty Sun
I am nothing & nobody
As you see, you can’t see me.
And all the thoughts
Inside my mind are fine.
Because I am old
Yet also new
I know the pain
They put you through.
It reminds me of
The blind that cried “I’m blind!”
So lift the chalice to your lips
& join us in our Shaman drink.
The time is nigh to find the line
That binds this awkward rhyme;
But does it really matter
If it’s missin?

28. Only Natural

See, how, the clouds swim by
Inside the overhead ocean of sky
See now how the rains fall down
To slake the thirst of the imprisoned ground
Hear the command of the cacophony above
Insisting on a cleansing flood
Hear the silence of the creatures in fear
Hiding in holes until the storm clears
See the Sun God go along His way
From the pink east of morn
To the western end of day
Feel the Moon behind your back
As even she can cast shadows
Black upon black

27. daydreaming

Have you ever seen the money
that grows on the trees
The notes fall to the floor
in the cool autumn breeze

Well it’s just a piece of my fantasy
To help me cope with reality

Have you ever seen the shop
where everything is free
From the biggest munchies
to the most potent green

Well that’s just another
piece of my fantasy
It helps me deal with normality

If you ever see some ladies
looking for me
Tell ’em where i live ’cause
that’s where i’ll be

But they’re just a piece of my fantasy
Another part of my daydream

25. woman

i try, Lord knows i try
these things are on my mind
it’s sometimes enough
to bring tears to the eye
but why?
it’s because i found…
because i can hear a sound
it’s coming from within
and vibrating my ground
limitless bounds
there’s love i feel
it’s more than a noun
and makes me reel, so profound.
but i’m only a man
i try as best as i can
yet keep making mistakes
’cause i can’t find the brakes
but i try, when i’m with you i fly
there’s a million reasons why

22. my breath of life

Well i was born in the midst o’ the morn.
The breath of life, as i opened my eyes.
At the start of December, not that i remember.
My momma says “was you born in a barn!?”
I say’d “you should know, you were there.”
It’s funny because…
The scales say’d i weighed the same
As the time on the wall in the maternity hall.
The Tock had started Ticking,
My story had then begun.
Finally for myself breathing
Before learning how to run.