1. Creator & Creation

Creator n Creation
The ultimate emulation
Beyond sight and reason
Ever without season
That Soulful Spark
Which created dark
That cannot be without light
That Soulful might.
Creator n Creation
Ever revolutions
Within and without doubt
Forever and never proud
Bared His Soul
For His souls to see
We sold His Soul for

11 thoughts on “1. Creator & Creation”

  1. Very powerful, I can see why it’s your favorite. When you say We sold his Soul for
    Materiality, are you referring to Jesus? I’m trying to comprehend the poem, the words and the rhythm are powerful but you’re like Shakespeare to me sometimes 🙂

    1. jesus isn’t in this one 🙂
      although i can understand why you thought so, it’s a valid point.

      the bible says Thou shalt not kill, but christians aren’t vegetarian.
      i say i love God but i don’t give up smoking or meat-eating. Nor the other two ‘sins’.
      i know a lovely lady that does Tarot and Angel things, she considers herself totally spiritual, and yet she spends hours in the hairdressers chair.
      what is material desire?
      when does material desire get in the way of spiritual desire?

      sorry….getting distracted by daughter 🙂

      1. sometimes i don’t know how to explain my thoughts, even my friends n most family don’t understand me, they’re just happy that i’m happy in this confusing bubble 🙂
        my daughter kind of understands sometimes, she’s 7, we lost Floyd to old age and had the usual Gone to Heaven remarks, people being kind.
        but i explained in a childs way, why things are reborn, why Floyd can’t go to heaven yet etc,

        1. Well I’ll be having a blast trying to decipher what I can and what I cannot I’ll simply enjoy it for the sheer genius behind it. When you asked “when does material desire get in the way of spiritual desire?” I was thinking that for me this used to be pretty much everyday, I used to be a big shopaholic. Not so much anymore, but there are still moments when I freak out about not having something nice to wear or not having the latest apple technology, so dumb really but I keep hope that one day I’ll rid myself completely of it all.
          Like Whitman says in his poem
          I think I could turn
          and live with animals, they are
          so placid and self-contained;
          I stand and look at them
          long and long.
          They do not sweat and whine
          about their condition;
          They do not lie awake in the dark
          and weep for their sins;
          They do not make me sick
          discussing their duty to God;
          Not one is dissatisfied
          not one is demented
          with the mania of owning things;
          Not one kneels to another,
          nor to his kind that lived
          thousands of years ago;
          Not one is respectable
          or industrious
          over the whole earth.

          1. then Whitman is a genius 🙂
            if i’m honest, i’m fairly material by deed (smoking, over-eating tho i’m slim etc), but i spose that’s why i get these feelings of guilt that are so hard to express.
            i’ve thought long n hard through out the years about ‘going out into the desert’ as some early celtic christian once said. i must admit i would miss the washing machine and cd collection. i’d miss my friends aswell, but then, that’s part n parcel of material desire 🙂
            but being a parent makes it difficult to live a frugal life 🙂

            thinking back to shakespeare, i couldnt understand any of his plays (aside from the three old hags in mcbeth)

          2. i found the best way to maintain spirituality is to say thanks for things. and sorry. 🙂
            somewhere in the bhagavad it says something like,

            who-ever offers me with devotion, a flower, leaf or a little water, i shall accept it kindly.

            you should see me plucking random hedge leaves everytime i feel blessed or thankful 🙂

            1. 🙂 Gratitude, I didnt understand why people use to say that being thankful was a necessary condition for peace. Today I’m thankful even for the music wind chimes make. I’m also thankful for having found your blog, your very inspiring and illuminating.

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