4. In Soul Control Of Illusion

Illusion is my Pedigree
Kharma is my currency
You only have to ask of me
Benevolence then you shall see.
Is it so important to know of my name?
You are but a link & I am the chain.
Isn’t this fun; my little game.
I am the Oceans, you are the rain.
You beg to come home
As if the door’s locked
I’ve left a large lamp on
Yet you’ve not knocked.
I am the Lamp and I am the Door
I am the Tramp asleep on the Floor
I am your Lover willing for more
I am your Mother berating your flaws.
Most call me Host,You may call me Home.


8 thoughts on “4. In Soul Control Of Illusion”

  1. thank you, 🙂
    after reading yours i jus had to share this 🙂
    that’s what i love about yours, Lonely God, the similarities from a different perspective, i look forward to reading more of your work 🙂

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