46. Flee the Earth

So, you wanna flee the earth my friend,
But why?
Say you wanna leave this earth my friend
You could be an Eagle and fly
You could at least try
But not in this lifetime of material grime
First you gotta die, leave your cold body lie.
You may again be alive,
You may be a Seal that loves to dive
Or a Shark with zeal who loves to
Bribe the Seal with teeth that bite.

For, beyond, the sky looks cold.
Even with a sun so bold that
We could never hope to hold.


6 thoughts on “46. Flee the Earth”

  1. cheers Mary, i hoped it would be, the fear of not quite knowing about the here after, from the perspective of an addicts friend, this was penned at the same time as Dragons (or Flee This Earth).
    from one opening line came a stream of words that almost escaped, luckily i managed to contain them within two poems 🙂

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