50. .Help To Hurt. 7/7/7 Live Earth Day

Fucking hell, it’s cold in here
Think i’ll turn the heating on
Help to hurt our little sphere
Although i know, i know it’s wrong.

I spark my smoke ‘n’ throw the packet
check the change within my pocket
How much will it cost to save the planet
Before before before we’ve lost it?


6 thoughts on “50. .Help To Hurt. 7/7/7 Live Earth Day”

    1. thank you, i jus checked him out and already like his style, the dead dog poem reminds me of the process of writing and Bobber is truly great, especially the way he recalls his dad putting cold maggots under his tongue to warm them before fishing, i used to impress my youngers with that trick 🙂
      thanks for the heads up and the compliment 🙂

      1. Nothing. glad that I helped you!
        Try to watch movie “Short cuts” by R. Altman. It is based on his Carvers short stories!

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