a prosperous posterity

i was just wondering
if one piece of your writing could survive the tests of time, which would you hope for?
(a chance to share your favourite post or piece of your own work)


18 thoughts on “a prosperous posterity”

  1. I wouldn’t have been able to decided before today…. but I think my last post last night means the most to me… http://roxistclair.com/2013/02/23/emma-and-jack-and-sawyer-the-cat/ reason? I wrote it during chemo yesterday.. and when I finished, I had the request to read it to a couple of little kids going thru chemo too…. and they thought it was “neeto” — and … the the work itself was written to someone very precious to me and her family…. so it means twice as much to me now. 🙂

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