8 thoughts on “sample”

    1. Thank you 🙂
      99% of my blog is old stuff ranging back to perhaps 1999, sometimes i write them again before the cheap receipt paper fades, i try to create ink books my handwriting is sporadic, so i moved to using MSword and notepad where i can hide the handwriting 🙂
      this is the first blog i’ve ever had, never really thought it would be appreciated 🙂 it was just a way of keeping everything in one place.
      i’ve lost n thrownaway lots of material over the years, but it probably gets recycled into the next theme
      i live an almost self imposed meagre life, publishing seems like a lovely idea until the politics of money are involved,

      i’m being harassed by some american company thats never even read my work lmao as long as i give them 400 they will print any old shit for a percentage, or pay 2500 to keep it amateur, both prices are scary.

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