59. school

When i was young and went to school
i forgot to learn how to become cool
i was too interested in music and books
to bother with fashion and my looks
by the time i noticed, it was too late.
i guess i got bullied and learnt to hate
the funny school system that put me there
in with the hyenas who stripped me bare
i s’pose i grew up quick in those tortuous days
we couldn’ afford discos or latest bumbag craze.
what of those Dairylea Dunkers, those laughin’ fuckin cows
i bet they got eaten by the hyenas
and they’re not laughing now!


10 thoughts on “59. school”

  1. i guess it’s from 7/8years ago, rewritten about 5years ago, tho i left school about 18years ago,
    at one point i thought i should collect everything into a notepad (another half finished idea) from all the postit notes and envelopes n receipts etc
    the typo mistakes are annoying me, i might type the rhyme underneath

    1. You do have to write a book ! I am in the process of having one self-published, It’s just the pretentious nature of my being 🙂 I have to have it in a book form. I would really like to see your work in an accumulated array. I hope things work out for you soon so, I get to treat myself with the pages of your work !

      1. May He bless you 🙂
        i would love to have a personal book printed or maybe 50 if i listen to my ego, but it would be selfish of me to divert money from elsewhere

        1. Amen ! I have always wanted to have a book of mine. I know very egoistic of me :p Although, never thought it would be poetry.
          Well ! when the time is right, you won’t even know how things would come your way 🙂

          1. very true, and egotism isn’t always a bad thing, otherwise how could we read the great works such as The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by Blake, or The Valaquenta by Tolkien

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