63. an alternative

everything was beautiful and in its place
so i thought ’bout making a master race.
my work was done. i needed a son.
i named him dave. yea he was brave.
he asked for a missus, i named her francis,
that was it, into the green apple they bit.
oh, what a pair, always despaired
for a son or daughter. i gave them both.
dwayne and mabel, have you heard the fable?
dwayne and mabel always fought
for this or that, tit for tat.
so one of them i killed, the night air was stilled
woden was not overjoyed. more like annoyed.
he made all the gods invisible
for ever and ever Amen. to save us from man.


6 thoughts on “63. an alternative”

  1. thank you, 😀
    someone (Eldin?) nominated me for the versatile blogger but i’m not sure i qualify lol
    surely all my work so far centres on faith or insecurity or nature,

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