64. Angel

She told me of Angels
i knew what she meant
She told me that Lavender
was her favourite scent

We spoke of the little things
that make us who we are
Of dreams and fears and life and tears
and silly pointed stars

My inner voice; he did rejoice
in her eagerness to listen
Oh my ears, and her soft voice
they conjured up a vision

For she saw me in her sleep
an omen with a meaning
My soul he soars up from the deeps
or is it me that’s dreaming?


21 thoughts on “64. Angel”

  1. this one’s maybe a year or two old now,
    it is sad, but i was hoping it would seem positive so that i can hide the pain of rejection
    (stupid material desire)
    the last line turned out to be prophetic lol our spiritual ideas seem to clash
    of lavender and lazuli is also of the same lady.
    come to think of it, she was the only person to fully understand some of my work, so much so, she is the only person to have a copy of four pieces
    thanks for the thoughtful comment 🙂

        1. 😀 it’s cool to think i have a recognisable style 🙂
          i kind of understand that this one is slightly different, especially as i’m not comfortable writing about women, which may be evident hehehe
          but when i read this (in my own internal voice), it reads the same as my other works.
          this conversation has made me realise that i’ve never posted rhymes of my child, (i’ve only written two because it’s so difficult to catch the dynamic expression), maybe i will soon.

  2. I loved the 2nd stanza, the little things that make us who we are. Sometimes we get so caught up on the big things, we forget that happiness is in the little things. 🙂

  3. Wonderful, thank you I enjoyed reading this poem.
    I think maybe it is governed by the reader’s viewpoint or perhaps (lack of) context, given some of the comments saying this was a ‘sad’ poem, but to me it was touching and uplifting.

  4. This to me is elevating as well. A mirror to my beloved’s whispers !
    “conjured up a vision”- this is the most touching line. For me, all the words gravitate to this image.
    ❤ it !!!

      1. Unfortunately, no. It is still in the process. SO much work goes into a small book even. I underestimated this.I am stuck at the title though :/ No words seem suitable enough. Help me out 😦

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