65. Katie, Honey

Darlin’ i don’t like to hear you cry
Makes me think that things aint right
All of the day and most of the night
I love you and don’t wanna fight
Katie, Honey, what do you want of me
You helped me spend all of the money
Let’s play in the park while it’s still sunny
I’m sorry i can’t find your mummy.

authors note; don’t worry guys n girls, she has regular contact with her mum nowadays, things were difficult for a while but that’s in the past 🙂

17 thoughts on “65. Katie, Honey”

              1. it’s a personal poem so surely the comments will be personal 🙂
                that’s why i put the authors note;
                a man raising a child can lead to social questions,(90,000 single fathers in england) especially if the mother isn’t around.

                1. Yes! That is also a fact.
                  But if I wrote this poem of yours (which is amazing) I would never gave this authors note. That was the whole point!
                  Sorry mate!

  1. I liked the twist at the end, when we realise Katie’s a child….it leaves me wondering…..then you solve the mystery with the authors note. I quite liked being left with the mystery 🙂 oh and did I say, great poem!

    1. 🙂 thank you
      i never thought that it would be a twist at the end, was just writing my frustrations down at the time 🙂
      sometimes i worry that my words might cause undue harm or friction in real life, and it was a way of allaying that fear. ( imagine if my lil brat was to read these words in the future and perhaps think i was a tad unfair)
      i don’t really like authors notes unless they are from a famous author or about a difficult subject 🙂
      posting this poem was definitely difficult 🙂
      and Thank You again 🙂 i can only learn from these comments 🙂

  2. I think this is actually sweet from your end, it shows that you have tried and dedicated yourself. Just my silly over-analysis !
    I love this as all the others and admire more because I can never be this witty while writing.:)

    1. thank you, if we don’t dedicate our selves to our little monsters, then there’s no point in having them 🙂
      sometimes people tell me i must be proud but i daren’t be. so i give a flustered response like maybe i can be proud after she flies this humble messy nest.
      merci, danke and most of all, Thank you 😀

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