national this and that day

let’s create equality by making things non-equal.
i don’t believe in fairness or rights…ok… i teach my kid about fairness and rights but how does one thing have more right than another?
i don’t have any real Right to anything but we are taught from a young age to take what is rightfully ours.
every good child on the planet gets a visit from Santa…well…apart from the lost south american tribes. equality and rights. maybe Santa is rascist or something?
women want us all to be equal, well, except on wimmins day.
something about how men are arseholes i think, as if life should be fair.
fair? while there are kids starving in the Third world? i thought earth was the third world? we should be in it together!
fair is when no-one gets a special day…that would be fair.
lets knock all these stupid special days on the head, easter and crimbo included!
i don’t need a calendar to remind me to treat the lil brat or other loved ones!
and remember, all these special days whether fathers or mothers day or gay day (is there a hetrosexual day?), they are thought up by money makers. which is fine if you have money, but then don’t complain that you are treated unfairly, just remember while you eat your choccy or smell your flowers…the starving millions that shit in the communal pond or ditch, fat with malnutrition. where do they get their water from while you drink wine from a crystal glass?

16 thoughts on “national this and that day”

    1. the rest of the world has decided on Swedens behalf that it is International.
      maybe Sweden knows that we don’t need a special day to appreciate the ladies 🙂

  1. He he. You make me smile. In a good way, not sarcastic smile. Of course. I remember this day as the day of cheap tulips in my house for my mum from my stepdad and the smell of post-soviet cheap wine. Yes, lets ditch this international day and just have a drink without a reason 😉

    1. 🙂

      i remember my stepdad drew my mum a basket of flowers because he couldn’t afford real flowers.
      romantic? no.
      he’d spent the money on cheap beer n whisky.

      1. He should have shared whiskey with her.
        But on the other hand, if someone drew me a basket (with no flowers), that would be pretty romantic. I could put imaginary laundry inside that basket or something.

  2. I never really have understood the need or use of these days except the wild media gets some direction to exercise their energies on and a few people who never realize the bonds, get away with everything by giving a simple greeting card, a day, a year! not to sound too bitter for those who believe though.

    1. theres nothing wrong with appreciating our loved ones or even marking a day in their honour, but it feels like we are forced into buying rubbish like cards etc
      Mothers Day soon, my mum works in a flower factory, 90hr weeks in the run up to mothers day, hardly a break since the valentine rush, apparently she wants another coffee mug, little things in life that are useful 🙂

      the media are experts in emotional blackmail, hand in hand with the businesses that make a killing while paying minimum wage.

      1. We sure are forced into buying the stuff. Days like these are being celebrated with more zeal than the cultural festivals which in itself universal in its appeal but in the long run, is damaging to the esteem of the people in a certain country, i think.
        Awww !! To think that such delicate things can be so tiring ! I agree 100%, little things in life make all the difference.

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