67. of apathy and lethargy

apathy and lethargy,
killing time with rhyme,
i don’t know why i bother
typing all these lines.
my words sting as they bring
me closer to catastrophe,
here is my denouement…
what do you want of me?


7 thoughts on “67. of apathy and lethargy”

  1. You will come to find, more of me to mind, when you read my poetry, for it’s as me as I’ll ever be. And I set myself so free, just so leisurely. And as far as the eye may choose to see, I keep myself open to thee. Where I write I am true and I write this to you. So hear my words so pure for that is what I prefer. For when yourself is all you have to prove, you have honestly nothing to lose.

        1. lol most of my work is spread sporadically over the years, i’m scared that i’m reaching the bottom of the scrapbooks, ive never written fresh material daily 🙂 far too lazy.

          i can see the progression of my thoughts thru the years which is kind of cool 🙂 the problem is that they’re shared according to my daily taste so you guys don’t get the chronological order

  2. jus to add, i was given a really cool critique of some poetry, with the word denouement 🙂
    what a word 🙂
    having found out its origins, and of catastrophe aswell, i had to find the two words a home tho neither of them are used correctly according to their origins lmao

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