10 thoughts on “69. Lil Pig”

    1. thank you 🙂 i read it to my daughter after reading your comment, mayb she’s too young to understand lmao so now she’s trying to make her own kiddy version 🙂 where the wolfs on the inside being annoyed by the three pigs
      Thanks again 🙂

    1. lmao 🙂
      i realised that youngsters may be reading 🙂
      i see nothing wrong with swearing, (not nice from a child tho)
      it’s the context that’s important.
      the problem is that i change my mind more often than my socks lmao
      something about the moon in gemini and the sun in sagitarius if you believe that kind of thing 🙂

      1. Dont worry, I have no problems with swearing, have enough of that on my own poems haha. And youngsters? They probably know more than we assume.
        And changing your mind.. Im with you on that one too 😉

        1. ye of course they know about swearing 🙂

          joke time:
          “dad whats a cunt?”
          dad takes kid into mummys bedroom and lifts the blanket, points between her legs.
          “that son, is a vagina…….. ya mums a cunt!”

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