70. Gotta Laugh

Hey crazy lady get off the road
’cause some nasty bastards
will run over ya toes
Don’t lean over to their windows
you gonna get arrested
for actin like a hoe
But come with me
And let’s go mine
Cause i got the money
and if you got the time
Don’t mind the dog
Don’t worry he won’t bite
Hey is that all you charge
do you wanna spend the night?

12 thoughts on “70. Gotta Laugh”

    1. lmao Pretty Woman, if only i had the charm of Mr Gere
      mine was after years of listening to Deep Purple and Iron Maiden, they have songs including Strange Kind Of Woman and Charlotte The Harlot/ 22Acacia Avenue,
      it was only a matter of time before i tried to copy them 🙂

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