72. Fox Cakes

Stop huntin’ for fox cakes.
Stop huntin’ for fox cakes.
Slow down, put on your brakes.
Stop hunting for fox cakes.
Have a look in Tesco’s,
Don’t follow the dog’s nose
And stop huntin’ foxes
For fuck sakes.
Get off your horse,
You’ve lost your course.
Put on some trousers
To cover them drawers
And stop hunting
For fox cakes.

A side…


B side…


Shaky photography and lyrics are of my own hypocritical hand.


8 thoughts on “72. Fox Cakes”

    1. i remembered the term horsecake from shawshank redemption 🙂 (dried horse dung).
      the term fox cake seemed to be jus rolling round my head one day, it probably doesn’t mean anything but rhymes with fuck sake 🙂
      maybe hounds initially find foxes through finding their droppings?
      who knows, lmao
      i’m not against hunting (i’ve enjoyed catching my own dinner) but it’s a shame to see any animal killed purely for sport.

      1. Wonderful fox cakes…. I knew I was missing something great! Now you’re making me think of the rabbit poo my dogs just love to eat…little tasty snacks! ….and from now On I’ll call them rabbit cakes 🙂

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