Time Flies

Like, don’t like
Follow, don’t follow
Comment, don’t comment.

i’ve just gained my one hundredth follower after maybe 3months, good things come to those who wait lol.
But this doesn’t mean that i get a hundred daily views, in fact i’m not sure what it means so i jus continue being grateful that i’m noticed at all. Especially among so many great thinkers. 🙂
i get on average, 5 to 50 views per day, with a couple of 85’s thrown in 🙂
i guess what i’m saying, is Thank You.
i know who reads my rubbish fairly often and i’m always grateful, you inspire me to carry on!
i’m also grateful for the fleeting viewers who may only visit once or twice, reading ends up being time consuming, even more so if you are more ‘successful’ than me. Time is valuable so for anyone to waste their time with my words is baffling 🙂

So… as a thank you, i would like to share with you, those that i follow.
i don’t follow those that are following me, we would end up going in circles 🙂
so everyone of the 40 or 50 that i do follow are important, each in their own way.
Obviously, those that i follow are listed in a column on the right hand side of this page but i would like to draw attention to those that i truly admire, for whatever reason.

Ladies first i guess…i started writing their good points but i haven’t got all day so go find out for yourselves, why i rate them so highly. 😀
without further ado and in no particular order…

Roxi St Clair,
Amy’s Place,
Chatty Owl,
Creative Guru,
Breath of clean air,
A spiritual Journey,
Meggie’s Fervor,
i know i’ve missed some important ladies out, when i remember their avatar i will amend this list.

The Extinction Protocol, kind of a free press where celebrities are not the news, the world news is the news.

And now for the men… same applies.
Harsh Reality,
the diary of David Cameron ( a perfectly political satirical parody),
Vigil Kumar.

As i said, you can find links to these brilliant blogs and more on the right side of this page, under my tag cloud

9 thoughts on “Time Flies”

      1. lmao 🙂
        Chatty Owl is definitely chatty 🙂
        but in my stats Maryam and yourself are far more chatty 🙂
        but as i love to reply then i’m afraid i’m the chattiest person in this room lmao 🙂

  1. Thanks for the mention, like you I’m always amazed that anyone is interested enough to read and comment on my blog. The blogsphere is an amazing and wondeful place, full of the richness and diversity of humanity….thanks for your contribution 🙂

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