73. a random rhyme (new)

If i build a spliff, will it set you adrift?
One pull at a time, you spin the line
of how you share without a care.
The rhyme in my mind is taking its time to unwind.
Being talked to, not with.
You’re only here for my spliff.
But i don’t say that, we all have our needs.
It’s lonely at the bottom, running out of deeds.

To smoke weed or breed?
That was the question!
Asphyxiate, learn to hate.
Hold it in.
Life begins
at 30.
Don’t be dirty.
Don’t get shirty with me,
Why do women bleed?!


2 thoughts on “73. a random rhyme (new)”

    1. i think your life began earlier 🙂 your Resumé or CV is extensive 🙂
      mine’s been delayed by fatherhood but am 3 years overdue 🙂

      only joking, my brat Is my life usually 🙂

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