19 thoughts on “Some Photos Of Floyd”

    1. yes mate he was my faithful rottweiller/collie/? for probably 13 years,
      i’ve got about 6 pics that i want to upload but wordpress is being awkward lol stay tuned fr more
      is your canvas artwork expensive? it doesn’t need to be big

    1. Thank You 🙂
      yes he was, a pretty big one lol
      i had him from 6weeks old until cancer at 13years,
      i swore i would never own another dog, the emotional strain was too great, but after 3years of whittling, my daughter got her wish of a small dog 🙂 another cutie that will get his own post at some point soon.

      i jus wish i took more pics of Floyd but we lived by the moment 🙂

  1. I have lost mt cat, he didn’t come back just went out as usual and then no sign of him.
    Floyd is such a bright animal and I can understadn your love for him 🙂

    1. Cats are equally beautiful, and hope he returns soon as cats so often do 🙂
      i jus read a recent post of your troubles, that was very touching, hope you are ok.

      1. I am hoping too 😥 Just not knowing where,how he is, is painful in itself !
        Yes, poet I am very much 🙂 Just the effects of long corrupt politics has now resided in the tiniest holes of everyday life.
        Stay blessed, mi amigo 🙂

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