77. Gemini Moon. (new)

during the last hours of the final waxing moon of that decade.
less than a day from the fullness of it’s presence.
the gemini moon. as the sun ran with sagitarius.
these secret twins, am i allowed to change my mind?
this horse that wins, if fresh grass he finds.
the weighing scales say’d the same as the time on the wall in the maternity hall.
“those doctors told me that you would be backwards, i knew they were wrong”
if only you knew the truth, it doesn’t help nor sooth. let’s write a record in the insanity booth.

10 thoughts on “77. Gemini Moon. (new)”

      1. You are welcome my friend. I don’t think we’re odd at all… we just have a ‘different’ way of approaching the world… a unique perspective if you will.

        I am okay. More than okay. I woke up to see a brand new day… and that is a very good thing indeed.

        HUGS 🙂

  1. They tell us once and then
    Forever more
    That Gemini to share
    All adore.
    That speech is strength
    That humour is our shield,
    And our gregarious ways
    With lightness we all wield.
    That may be so,
    I shall not disagree,
    But there is depth and pain
    In our path of glee.
    We hide our struggles all
    To lighten up your path.
    And “love, forever love”
    Carve as our epitaph.


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