Thank you a thousand times

according to my notifications, i’ve recently received my one thousandth ‘like’.
i suppose the more we write the faster the numbers grow but still, Thank You All.
i started out with the idea of just posting poetry, but, as the notepads etc are nearly all shown, i start to diversify, out of vanity of likes? perhaps.
i realise alot of my writing is dark. that’s not intentional, there’s alot of light in my life aswell but i appreciate it of the moment.
we don’t inspect our fresh skin, it’s the wounds that we keep our eyes on.
shit, what was i gonna quote?
oh yea…
“There is no dark side of the moon really, matter of fact it is all dark.” Pink Floyd.


right. i’m off to look for the inspiring quotes that others have missed.
you won’t believe where i find them 🙂
Thank you again 🙂

14 thoughts on “Thank you a thousand times”

      1. oh gosh… I was kidding about the prize! the true prize is that you are such an essential contributor to our world with your talents and that’s enough reward for me my friend. 🙂

  1. Liking the likes…seems I’m late…it’s dark and rambling around here, as I hear it is in your poetic mind. Looking for a light switch, see if ICE has the power on for us beach bums at the edge or the western word.

      1. Careful with your ass…some people who laugh it off lose track, and then suffer for days until they find the kid next door kicking it around like a soccer ball. The Fates of Asses…I think that would make a good title for my memoir.

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