79. one of these days

one of these days i’m gonna run away
gonna find a place with no human trace
i don’t even know how we progressed so far
everywhere you look there’s a fuckin’ car
it sickens me, i’m sorry to say
the way we’ve held nature at bay

We are the rat race

5 thoughts on “79. one of these days”

  1. I think I love Scotland because you don’t have to go very far together away from the rat race and all its bloated consumption 🙂 The bare hills put everything back in perspective and remind how small I am!

    1. one day i will visit Scotland (i always put things off lol)
      ye i loved living on the border of Wales for the same reasons 🙂
      i’m never more than two miles from rolling hills but the older i get, the more my impromptu campsites are built upon 😦
      all my favourite places in this town have become built on in the last 5 years 😦 tho this poem is possibly ten years old, i kind of feel it more nowadays

  2. Thor Heyerdahl was a European explorer and practical theorist during the 1930’s and beyond.
    he tried to find an uninhabited island that was yet fit for human survival.
    everywhere he found uninhabited land, was unsuitable for humans.
    in the end he and his wife settled for Fatu Hiva, a small french island within the Marquisas in the Pacific ocean, that already had a civilisation, around 200 natives that had survived the White Mans Christian expansion of elephantiasis and STDs etc.

    This is perhaps where i dream of, tho i’m sure it’s changed in the last 80 years

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