81. Winter (new)

Winter is here, the season of fear.
Wolves have their proof,
Snow on the straw-roof.
Wet logs brought in,
The smoke and the steam.
Kill the aurochs to cure the beef.
There will be hunger
Before there is relief.
Hear the wolves just outside
As their howls and heckles rise.
They smell and eat the piss and shit
Of the shared mess pit,
Piss against our door.
Put fat on the fire,
We gift to the Gods,
Hope they hear us,
Or all is lost!

7 thoughts on “81. Winter (new)”

  1. Visionary!
    As we keep our doors barred against the ravenous hunger that is wanton and not need, do we / should we cower in fear and pray for or await our Savior? – OR – Do we instead make plans, take heart and strengthen resolve so that we may take action for ourselves against our would be consumer, and in doing so become our own Saviors?

    Just a thought of course.
    I love your poem!

    1. thank you 🙂
      each to their own, i’m not very good at taking my own advice 🙂
      i was just thinking of our ancestors surviving the bleak winter perhaps 5 or 8000 years ago, being snowed in, in the winter, hungry wolves perhaps at the ‘door’, or if the snow was bad enough, perhaps wolves on the straw/leather roof, smelling the sweaty humans thru the smoke hole, maybe a crying baby alerting the wolves to a possible easy meal.
      next morning going to fetch fresh water and finding wolf tracks would definitely be unsettling 🙂
      Praying is all well and good if something feels unattainable but with consumerism, we have to tell our inner child No sometimes 🙂

      1. Well, I might as well let it be said here and now that I am often one to read more in to things than perhaps there is a need for 😀

        But i would also say that you do yourself an injustice sir. Although I love your explanation, now that I see it as you wrote it, your words have more and I wonder if I might return the favor…to look at your poem another way:

        The wolf is a metaphor for that dark hunger that haunts (or is that hunts) mankind, as so oft described in ancient myth and/or religion. A symbol for our outwardly destructive and even self-destructive traits…

        Do we let ourselves become the ‘Vampire’ or the ‘Werewolf’ within? Feasting on others as cattle, whether as rampant beast or as self-gratifying, amoral aristocrat. – OR – Do we turn both cheeks to the proposed choices on offer and instead find our own way, an inner path of redemption to our humanity?

        Consume the world and let it burn or rot? – or – Take a stand to make a future for all of us?

        These are my thoughts on your words.

        1. beautiful and strong thoughts they are 🙂
          sounds like Ahimsa 🙂 if only humans were brave enough to individually take a stand while they wait for the others to stand.
          i’m feeling sleepy but jus realised much of what you ask is in my other works 😉 too tired to remember their titles 😦
          (Damascus Blues will be posted one day…”i call this my Damascus Blues for we all have our own roads to choose”)
          men and wolves are much alike, not only do they remind us of our own base habits and darker moments, but they also raised Romulus n Remus 😉 and Tarzan 😉
          Mahatma Ghandi wrote somewhere that while there are Indians starving, what right did he have to eat? ditto water etc.
          a good question we could all ask of ourselves within our own nations that would help keep the Wolf away from all of our doors

  2. I would take all your words for the intense heat of coming summer ! Ahh ! The heat and the electricity absence make a fatal combination. The smoke and the steam invokes the image of human flesh burning :/ Very strong image !

  3. No doubt an Indian Summer is as dangerous as a British Winter.
    now i can’t get the pyre out of my mind lol
    it’s probable that the fires which kept ancient Man alive would have often ended dreadfully, a stray whisp of flame climbing up toward the smoke hole to be met by the tinder dry straw roof.
    i count my blessings everytime i top up the electricity meter
    Thank You for reading and sharing thoughts 🙂

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