quote of the day

my daughter told me off earlier for listening to the same krsna songs for two days in a row,
so i switched the amplifier on, that didn’t work, i could still hear her 😉
so i changed the song to this one and we jus can’t help bopping along to the beat.

The revolution should be amplified! 🙂

The Butthole Surfers; Human Cannonball
“Pardon me, i’m only bleeding, you cut me, to the bone”

i do not own the rights to this video, nor the contents,
jus thought you should join us in our square dance 😀


2 thoughts on “quote of the day”

    1. snap, 🙂 and some others of their others 🙂
      i couldn’t decide which song to post, this one, Dum Dum or The Lord is a Monkey lmao
      i thought this one was the least insulting 🙂
      the fan videos on the other two are well thought out and deffo worth a listen 🙂

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