In My Country

Heart Of Britain.
Ancient Britain.
Pryddyan perhaps.

Angle Land,
Land of the Angels
according to Pope Greg of long ago.

i love this land.
it pisses me off…
the people piss me off.

“they come to our country, can’t even be bothered to learn our language!”
as if we would try to learn Latvian if we moved there.

we carnt even be bovverd 2 lurn ahr ohne langwich!

Excuse my french.
Except it’s not french, french for shit is merde or similar.
be proud to speak English, warty words ‘n’ all!
Let the other nations who live here continue with their own language because i’m sure i wouldn’t speak french in france.


2 thoughts on “In My Country”

    1. thanks 🙂
      You’re not wrong 🙂
      but then we could include Cornwall, Powys,Mercia, Wessex etc 🙂
      These are parts of the reason that Britain is so great, the various historys with their distinct languages and cultures and upheavals, it made this island even stronger in many ways 🙂

      i can imagine the Romans or Norse coming over and the local folk bemoaning their strange Gods and languages.

      “What have the Romans ever done for us!?”
      John Cleese, Life Of Bryan.

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