85. words won’t work (new)

See why the sun shines?
It shines for me and you.
i know that’s not the truth,
But it’ll do.

Chaos is the pattern that eludes us.

If i could find the line that binds this rhyme,
i could roll a smoke n close my eyes.
What’s the point of tears, unless we cry?


11 thoughts on “85. words won’t work (new)”

      1. lmao I’m going thru the surge right now… the last couple of days have written I think 6 poems now!

        moon phase? being gemini? dunno… but the muse is relentless LOL

    1. thank you, it’s also in one of my spiritual poems
      maybe Everything & Everyone, or, Creator Of The Mighty Sun
      it’s the kind of sentence that’s stayed with me for years 🙂

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