James Herbert

i just found out that James Herbert, author of novels such as The Rats, The Magic Cottage, Fluke and Ghosts Of Sleath, had passed away in March this year.
One of the first adult writers who gripped me with stories of horror and love and the magical things that may be overlooked. The kind of books that although i haven’t read them in years, the stories and characters are still fresh in my mind.
i loved the way that Rumbo, a squirrel i first noticed in Fluke, played a part in three totally unrelated stories in a most nonchalant and yet powerful way.
To put the books down would be as pointless as stopping a video.
Survive the surmounting sadness of The Ghosts of Sleath and feel the relief that you don’t live there.

The King Of English Tragedy,
James Herbert
May He Rest In Peace or Enjoy Another Life


6 thoughts on “James Herbert”

    1. Cool 🙂 i’m sure you will like them,
      by coincidence, i was in London today; couldn’t help remembering there’s a scene in The Rats where they’re in the Underground train-stations 🙂

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