88. (new) lost in thought

my stoned mind is blind to the words that i read.
it takes them and remakes them,
reading whilst daydreaming:
a napple a nadder.
thou that would hear my counsel
are privy to my personal persecution,

partake of this peace pipe.


10 thoughts on “88. (new) lost in thought”

  1. thou art privy to mine personal persecution 🙂

    i’m sure that as we express ourselves, the real person is shown, not just our thoughts, but our beliefs, our hypocrisies,
    we take each others ideas in life that help us to mould ourselves, we offer advice or opinion,
    ( like a man trying to hide his big belly with a short shirt, who stretches his hand to offer directions to find the sun, only to show his belly anyway as his shirt rides up 🙂

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