3. From Here To There

is it vain to reblog yourself?


i took a trip
from here to there
first by ship
then by air
to see a man
about a dog
first i ran
and then i walk’d
i saw the dog
about a bone
though he told me
to get my own

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2 thoughts on “3. From Here To There”

  1. Now this is satirically humorous !!! I love your fun use of words and still it retains its original form of satire, for me 🙂
    Great going 🙂 and no, it is not vain to reblog your own work, i think :p

  2. Thank you Maryam 🙂 this is one of my silly happy ones 🙂 it always makes me smile at the price of futility.
    and it’s also cool to breathe new life into old sayings and proverbs 🙂

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