my prayer

i used to think that it’s rude to pray.
imagine being constantly bombarded
by every tom dick and harry
“please let me win the lottery”
“please lord i won’t steal again, please don’t let me get caught”
“please let me finish on time”
me me me.
i used to think that praying means asking for something.
maybe it does.
maybe The Big I Am wants us to pray,
like a parent who would love to hear his child
ask for an ice cream after years of anguished silence.
it seems we remember God more when we lose things.

An imperfect quote;
“Sri Krsna uvaca
By My causeless mercy, all that you love shall be taken away, that you may remember Me.”

here is my prayer:
Lord may you help those that are in pain. not just those near me, nor those that get coverage on tv,
but everyone. not just humans but flora and fauna too. no one is more important than the other.

10 thoughts on “my prayer”

    1. thank you very much 🙂
      i’m not sure how far the butterfly effect extends, but, every little helps 🙂
      and a silent prayer from the heart must be more valuable than a thousand from the tongue 😉

    1. that’s beautiful, and possibly the most rewarding way to pray, helps to keep you humble 🙂
      i like to say thanks and sorry 🙂 possibly the most genuine kind of praying without actually asking for something, anything 🙂

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