Four Leaf Clover

i’ve never really been an orthodox kind of superstitious, have been a window cleaner and walked under many ladders 🙂
just before christmas, a local smackhead was walking past my ‘garden’ with her eagle eyes and noticed a four leaf clover chilling out in my garden. she knocked my door to offer it to me, but as she is more prone to such things, i told her she should keep it 🙂
a few days later, lmao, i remembered that children like them aswell, i should find some for my girl 🙂
well i found two and she loved them, helping me to position them on the paving. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Four Leaf Clover”

  1. How wonderful, and what luck finding three in one space.
    I remember one summer at school when I was about 9, my best friend and I found a patch of clover which seemed to yield us several 4 leaved specimens each day. I felt so lucky, and so happy for months 🙂

      1. Maybe….it’s got to be worth looking. Maybe the magic of good luck will help you in your search. The more you find, the luckier you get, and so the more you find. At least that’s what we told ourselves when we were 9 🙂

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