92. worry (new)

scaredy-cat soul
for fear of failing goals,
it’s easier not to try.
life goes on,
by the by.
it’s not true.
there’s a lot to lose
by sitting still.
i had the will
the other day,
then i sat down.
now i frown at
my bravery,
it’s gotten me into trouble before
yet also helped me open these doors.


20 thoughts on “92. worry (new)”

  1. Thank you 🙂
    i lost the internet for a few days lol
    i’ve got a job interview on monday, scared as hell!!
    not for the interview but for the change in life style
    hows you? hope you’re good.
    if you’ve written anything new i will be able to catch up tonight 🙂

    Busy-bee time 🙂

  2. I have a feeling courage and fate are just best friends.

    Without courage fate would be so boring. So much would be written differently in the book of destiny

    1. what will be, will be 🙂
      courage could be the hand of the soul that writes it’s own fate,
      or maybe Courage and Fate could be enemies, with Courage constantly fighting on the frontline of our destiny

      1. Destiny is something that you cannot lose,
        Destiny is not something you choose,
        Destiny is exactly what will just be,
        Destiny cannot be changed by a choice,
        That choice is apart of your destiny 🙂

          1. Fate is as unknown as the bottom of the ocean
            And it shall change in one swift motion
            As long as we just keep hoping
            That’s the ideal way for us to keep coping

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