98. (new) a beautiful day

the dandelions and daisies are full of free colour
but the council will come along and kill them with mowers


otherside of the brook, deeper than me
are many kinds of hidey-hole to where
the wildlife can flee.
voles and moles,
kingfishers and mice
often if i’m lucky i can witness their life.
a paw print or feather
or vole underwater
living lives on the edge
as if they know it’s shorter


5 thoughts on “98. (new) a beautiful day”

  1. ‘Living on the edge as though they know its shorter’….beautiful and edgy!
    And how cruel is the cull of wild colour by the council mowers 😦
    Another great post 🙂

    1. thanks 😀
      living on the edge is literal in another way aswell, on the edge of the bank, on show at the moment but under 7ft of floodwater after rain.
      mowing grass needlessly is a waste of petrol and man hours aswell i reckon, especially in a flood area where flora is needed to help soak up the excess 🙂

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