an experiment in ideas by VivaciousVision & myself

I have a feeling courage and fate are just best friends.

Without courage fate would be so boring. So much would be written differently in the book of destiny.

what will be, will be.
courage could be the hand of the soul that writes it’s own fate,
or maybe Courage and Fate could be enemies, with Courage constantly fighting on the frontline of our destiny.

Destiny is something that you cannot lose,
Destiny is not something you choose,
Destiny is exactly what will just be,
Destiny cannot be changed by a choice,
That choice is apart of your destiny.

sinner or saint,
freedom is as thin as a layer of paint.
we can try our best to test the notion
but Fate is the butler of life’s red potion.

Fate is as unknown as the bottom of the ocean
And it shall change in one swift motion
As long as we just keep hoping
That’s the ideal way for us to keep coping.

we can try as much as we like
and should; out of spite.
but nothing can be anything,
try as we might.

by VivaciousVision and myself, taken from comments on 92. Worry (new)

26 thoughts on “an experiment in ideas by VivaciousVision & myself”

  1. I like your ideas about fate and courage.
    Fate seems to me to be the acceptance that we aren’t actually in control of our lives…despite our best efforts to believe otherwise.
    There is something very freeing in the idea of fate…it releases us a little from the fierce grip of total responsibility for our lives.
    Sometimes things just happen, not because of something we did or didn’t do……cancer is just one example of these things 🙂

    1. thank you 🙂
      some people think that belief in fate is a cop-out, i can understand why,
      but then it comes down to faith/belief, and we can’t always choose our belief 🙂
      it is very freeing to think that what will be will be 🙂
      of course we can try to order our lives but life is too dynamic to maintain control 🙂
      i watched a program where a marine biologist was talking of how he grew up on a boat as a child of marine biologists who virtually lived on the sea, year round.
      we could say that his fate was ordered before his birth 🙂 the lucky git 🙂
      Luck, fate, destiny, doom, kharma;
      whatever the word, i feel it’s pull, whether imagined or not 🙂

            1. nope, i’ve never participated in any poetry circles until i joined wordpress in january.
              my problem is that i can’t always put thoughts into words, they stay under the subconscious as pictures or vague ideas, it’s difficult to write to a preconceived idea lol unless the idea was already on the tip o my tongue 🙂

                  1. *in my mind I am now her distant aunt or something*
                    let me know when it’s posted. That’s impressive. What’s the general idea? If it can be decided in a general way

                    1. the idea is perhaps a battle between material and spiritual desire, unless i change my mind and shelve it 🙂
                      the hundred poems have taken over a decade lmao, it would be impressive if they were written in a hundred days 😉

                    2. Material and spiritual… Perfect number one hundred.
                      Material we seek while spiritual is deep. But to reach the highest peek,
                      Spiritual is the best to reep

                    3. dammit lmao you just made me write another;
                      ah ye the eternal staircase, where thoughts are thrown at us unbidden,
                      my mind is my midden
                      where scraps of sentiment search for suffusion
                      prayers in profusion
                      my body is colluding with mary jane, my life’s bane
                      red haired flame shame she shares the blame
                      that should lie on my shoulders.
                      the greek with the boulder
                      rolling uphill…
                      he pushes it still.

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