Beth Orton, Suzanne Vega

Her voice, her lyrics, so beautiful.
she reminds me of Suzanne Vega.
this woman, Beth Orton. i fell in love with her voice years ago, my grandad had her first album, inc this song, i taped it straight away, then maybe a month or three later i heard her on the radio with this song, as if my grandad owned the cd before it was released, spooky.
Blood Red River by Beth Orton:

my dad bought me a load of Rock vinyls one year for my birthday, somehow a Suzanne Vega was in there. When i heard this song, it’s message, i was stunned.
The Queen And The Soldier by Suzanne Vega:

10 thoughts on “Beth Orton, Suzanne Vega”

  1. Sorry to be a killjoy, but Beth Gibbons sings for Portishead, not Beth Orton. But I completely agree how fantastic both Beth Orton and Susanne Vega both are. I saw Beth O play a couple of weeks ago and even met her afterwards. Charming lady! Would love to see Susanne V play one day…she’s on my list.

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