some films i like

Some great films and who directed them;

Tony Jaa; Ong Bak 2 and 3:
Set in historic feudal Thailand, a young boy is orphaned and raised by outlaws.

Yuen Woo Ping; Snake In Eagle’s Shadow:
Comedy and kung fu, set in rural China.

Rob Zombie; The Devil’s Rejects:
Possibly film noir, set in an American desert town, a family of wanted criminals go on the run.

Bruce Lee; Way Of The Dragon:
Bruce Lee travels to Rome to defend his uncles restaurant, the infamous fight between him and Chuck Norris in the Colosseum.

Peter Jackson; Lord Of The Rings trilogy:
The best adaption of the trilogy by Tolkien so far.

Frank Darabont; Shawshank Redemption:
Set in an old fashioned American prison.
With Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins as the main characters, i hear their voices as i read the original Stephen King novella.

Rob Reiner; Stand By Me:
Adapted from a short story written by Stephen King, a story of youth, friendship, and adventure. i’m understating this film, it is already a classic.


10 thoughts on “some films i like”

  1. I´m glad I inspired you!
    Bruce Lee — I forgot him! Damn!
    I´m probably the only person in the world who never saw Lords if the rings! I hate it.

            1. ye, i read the Hobbit many times, then i read the LOTR books a few years ago, then the Silmarillion, Children Of Hurin and The Unfinished Tales.
              Then reread them in chronological order 🙂
              i would love it if Children Of Hurin was filmed, such an amazing and thought provoking book, taken from a single chapter of Silmarillion 🙂

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