i’ve been smoking cannabis since i was 15, not that i’m proud, it’s just a fact.
at first i got stoned faaaaar too easily as is usual, but i loved the smell n taste beyond the buzz.
as the years grew i started to love the buzz aswell. after a while i became just another smoker.
the reason i’m saying this is because the weed world has changed alot in the last 18 years.
the price has doubled even tho’ it’s not taxed.
as we grow and learn, we realise certain things, for instance, smoking isn’t really cool and it never was. but i enjoy it none the less and miss it when i’ve ran out (like now).
mary jane is a whore (not as skanky as her rivals) she only comes if you have money and her pimp is always there to make sure he gets his money.
cannabis is big business these daze, the war on drugs is becoming less defined because drugs don’t die.
a war on drugs is a war on people; and people die.
many otherwise law abiding people are criminals due to their lifestyle. imagine how it would feel if your favourite past time wasn’t allowed because some one thought it was naughty or smelly.
i don’t ban alcohol even tho everyone on a Saturday night stinks of cheap drink.
i don’t ban the homeless because they stink of piss,
each to their own as long as it doesn’t Hurt anyone.
make it legal so the money isn’t given to any possible terrorists
(a terrorist in this country is anyone who doesn’t agree with the politicians.)
there is a lot of propaganda from both sides of the camp, cannabis makes you mad, it helps keep you sane.
it helps you lose weight but so does heroin but that’s not a good reason to start jacking up hehehe
the Chief Medical Officer in England was sacked because his findings didn’t tally with what he was paid to say.
politics here is the art of deceiving the masses for the benefit of the minority (the chosen few).
we are now being told by pro-cannabis parties that smoking cannabis is healthier than tobacco and reduces the risk of certain cancers. propaganda is a zoot that can be toked by all sides hehehe
i don’t buy it. i believe that tobacco has more chemicals But…. whether we inhale tobacco or cannabis, incense stick or exhaust fumes, bonfire or chasing the dragon…no smoke is good for the lungs, it’s a fact of life.


2 thoughts on “cannabis”

  1. I’m a terrible lightweight when it comes to any stimulant, but I was fond of the odd spliff back in the day, that said I could only take a drag or two, the classic cheap date 🙂
    It seemed to make me more receptive and less suspicious and every now and again when i get a whiff of it on the street (not that difficult in Lambeth) I do get to hankering for a shared joint whilst watching the sun set, a la Six Feet Under….
    That said, I hate tobacco and agree that it’s far more toxic than green.
    In Australia it was plentiful and a friend of mine had an entire back garden of it, so it wasn’t the same scene as it is here. If it were legalised I’d probably grow my own in a pot on the windowsill, but I supposed things like driving, working at full capacity, inappropriate giggling and remembering your own name have to be taken into account too 😉

    1. the more my tolerance rises, the less i giggle 🙂
      i deffo wouldn’t work after a smoke, far too daydreamy lol
      ye i used to be a lightweight, went half on a (six)teenth half a life time ago, only took two pulls n ran home to be sick, was how my mum found out lmao
      cant even buy a teenth anymore, they’re called tens because they no longer way a 16th of an oz 😦
      i love the smell, it’s more of a perfume than tobacco is.
      i’m terrible at gardening (more of a hunter/gatherer than a cultivator) but would deffo love the laws to relax.
      tobacco n alcohol are usually the first drugs to be tried yet weed is labelled asa gateway drug hehehe life’s not fair.

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