another keyboard silent.

Ray Manzarek, pianist, one of the founders of The Doors has passed away recently.
Not To Touch The Earth;

When The Music’s Over;

May He Rest In Peace.


9 thoughts on “another keyboard silent.”

            1. i can totally agree with him, buying beat up instruments and sounding shit with ya mates is much more meaningful aswell. 🙂
              lining up for the 5seconds of fame just isn’t rock n roll 🙂

            2. can you imagine if Bob Dylan went on an Idol type program? lmao
              “Don’t wanna be a bum you better chew gum,
              the pump don’t work cos the vandals took the handle.”
              yet he even had songs written of him in his own hey-day, inc Joan Baez’s Diamonds n Rust.
              just doesn’ happen nowerdays

              1. Imagine Tom Waits too, Simon Cowell would have him removed from the stage! Refuse to watch any of those programmes now, i think they are insulting to anyone with good taste….

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