103. (new) The line between the lawn and the land

We decide the line where life may
thrive on the one side yet
t’other must endlessly strive and die.
Selfish selection dictates
the day to day mandates
of the chosen few who rule
the terra firma and firmament.
the meek must shall suffer oppression
by the edge of the hedge
where the line between thine and mine
becomes as one.
i am stunned.


2 thoughts on “103. (new) The line between the lawn and the land”

  1. I hope you have not forgotten me and would be kind enough to excuse my *long* absence !
    Your words are strikingly similar to my thoughts at the moment. But you have an ability to resonate them clearer, with power ! I have missed reading it all !
    Good one dear Gary !

    1. June 17, 2013 at 18:52 (Edit)
      Hey Maryam 😀
      you know i don’t expect anyone to read my ramblings
      but i had noticed that you haven’t been blogging recently.
      sometimes i worry that my words are not my own so haven’t really been keeping up to date with reading new poetry.
      i hope everything’s as well as can be where you are, so that you can spend more time writing again 🙂

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