poetry in progress

why do we write, why do we write in rhyme?
the lilt of thought that binds as glue in the brain.
to share a thought, a fleeting or insistent feeling.
to be remembered.
not just tomorrow or next month.
i don’t want fame today.
will i be remembered in another age?
if not by battle then by pen and by page.
hide my rhymes in the books i donate,
that over the eons, my name may be known,
as secret as Pelagius, unknown in most homes.

7 thoughts on “poetry in progress”

    1. ye rhymes can get up their own arse sometimes, i annoy myself with the whole age, page, rage malarky but it’s the bullshit that goes on in my brain 🙂 learnin that there’s more than two ways to rhyme,
      and prose is surely the Pendragon of poetry when mastered properly 😀
      and thanks for the compliment, i’m sure you will be noticed and remembered beyond my dreams for myself 🙂

    1. lol 🙂
      imagine not being discovered for two hundred or a thousand years, your work being dissected by future scholars 🙂
      thanks for reading 🙂
      it seems that most noticed poets are either forgotten in time or unknown by the masses

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