pissed off with propaganda (money maketh the myth)

i’m angry at how a lie can be called a myth. myth sounds innocent when a lie is never innocent.
i wish i had the bollocks to be a demonstrator.
Lynton Crosby helped the Aussie prime minister into his second term by using the “myth” that foreigners were gonna throw their kids from the boat so the aussies would save them.
they said the aussie prime minister got his second term due to the ‘myth’.
i jus heard that on telly. and that lynton is being paid by david cameron for his next uk campaign.
robin hood is a myth. merlin is a myth. Arthur is a myth. the welsh dragon is a myth.
a myth is an ancient idea that is expounded upon until it becomes integral to the area.
a myth is what the christian historians call an ‘uncivilised’ peoples spiritual/religious history.

there is no such thing as a modern myth, only propaganda and lies and smoke screens when the propaganda and lies are seen to be false.
every country around the world is growing in maturity, America and England are learning about their leaders, Scotland wants it’s own freedom, Even the Afghans managed to climb their own tallest mountain in 2009 after having never being allowed despite foreigners easily doing so.
The meek shall inherit the earth, when it is dust and bones. and they shall rebuild the best of what was. and some shall grow above themselves, saying they know best, as long as we trust them. we can reach the promised land.
fuck the promised land, all promises are empty, they nourish the man who starves until he see’s the oasis for what it is, a mirage.


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