random ramble, unwind the tangle.

it’s been a strange few months. not strange peculiar but strange different .
not in a Jabberwocky way either 🙂
sometimes i try to perceive the ways of tomorrow, by foresight, forethought and reasoning.
for instance i never thought i would have a child until later in life, being the loner that i am, i always preferred dog walking and exploring my home towns.
i’ve got an eight year old daughter now, haven’t been camping or serious bike rides in over two years.
i haven’t had a taxable job in the last 7 years since i became a single father.
so i’m pissed off with myself having never imagined being unemployed for so long.
my problem is that i’m too honest.
“why do you want to work for us?”
i reply with ”because nobody else wants to and i need money to reward my daughter.”
i’d laugh if it hadn’t come from my mouth.
i actually thought i’d become truly lazy so started volunteering for an animal charity shop.
Now, i’ve always believed that there is more good than bad in the universe and volunteering has proved me right.
you would think we sell second hand donations handed in by well wishers, clothes and books etc and you’d be right…
last week we were donated a Steif Teddy bear, Steif are worth £hundreds,
last week i sold a gold watch for a hundred that had been donated among more gold and silver 🙂
boy was i proud to have made the sale, the lady had only popped in to donate some carrier bags 🙂
but it made me think, there’s me donating maybe 12hours time a week and the odd book or no longer needed toy, but to donate gold watches and jewellery, and extremely rare collectible teddy bears, my faith in humanity is elevated a little.
reminds me of a quote in the Bhagavad or Upanishad…”among many men is a good man and among many good men is a great man. among many great men is a Great man.”
well that’s my version of the quote, it’s talking about Mahatmas (Great Souls).
the charity shop has really got me thinking; philosophically, spiritually and materially. which is important.
anyway, it’s time to cook dinner while my girl does the opposite of what i say 🙂
her bedroom looks like a Crayola factory’s exploded in there.


13 thoughts on “random ramble, unwind the tangle.”

  1. Oye. Honest to a fault. If I were conducting the interviews, my sense of humor and appreciation for the brutal truth, combined with your raw honesty= you’ve got a job. You’re obviously another person affected by the fact that people nowadays have zero sense of humor, and no gall to handle truth. On the other hand, at least your kid’s room is colorful; my kids’ rooms look like the new landing ground for the city dump. Eww.

    1. hehe her room is colourful And stinky, i daren’t search for the dead sandwich,
      i remember getting my first ever job by telling the interviewer that i hated and skived school 🙂

      1. When I was a kid my sisters and I had one bedroom in which we all had our beds, and one large room just to play in. My mom had seen this idea of a “rice table”… kind of like a sandbox, but filled with dry rice instead, to put in our playroom. It was fun; we’d make roads for toy cars, and we’d drag out our toy dishes and make gourmet meals out of this dry rice… until one day I decided we could make better “meals” if we added water to the rice. So, we did. And it was great fun for a few days. But then one morning we woke up and it smelled like a dead body. We all searched all over the house thinking it was a dead mouse or something. Two days we lived with that stench until it finally occurred to somebody that there was water mixed with the rice in our “rice table”, and it had started to spoil. Ha! It was so gross.. *shudders* Eww.

        1. man o man that would have earnt us a hiding 🙂
          we had an old sea chest filled with toy soldiers, (the germans were mainly in the dead position).
          we always cut ourselves on the banding that kept the thing together 🙂

          1. Haha! Well, back in our day, no childhood toy was worth keeping around if it didn’t at least occasionally draw blood or inflict some kind of bodily harm. 😉

  2. Ha, that’ll be me if I ever interview for a job again.

    ‘How are you going to help us increase our revenue by 30% this year?’

    ‘I’m not, there’s a world recession, hello?!’

    Hey ho……

    1. hehehehe, the job was telesales, cold calling. i might have remarked that surely anyone with a decent PPI claim will have claimed it already.
      the thing is i’m good at selling things to people, everything except myself 🙂
      people come in out of the rain or waiting for a bus, they never leave emptyhanded, i’m worse than Granville’s uncle in Open All Hours 🙂

        1. ye you should see the favours i need in return 😉
          but jus like needful things, it seems that a fair amount of customers find things that are impossible to get anywhere else, like a 1986 ThunderCats Annual 🙂 i nearly bought it but told my inner child No! 😦

            1. of course i do, aside from the occasional secondhand book, i have the internet, a telly a fone line a roof over my head, food in my belly, tobacco n weed in my lungs,
              it hurts but i can live without a nostalgic piece of my childhood 🙂

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