an unexpected book.

i’m reading a book.
well, unlike my usual self, three are unfinished.
this book, i’m only twentyseven pages in and i’m hooked.
it’s not about vikings or spirituality, nor is it like any other book i’ve ever read.
what caught my eye was the title;
“Rabbit Stew And A Penny Or Two. A Gypsy family’s hard and happy times on the road in the 1950s.”
By Maggie Smith-Bendell.
i like rabbit stew.

Gypsies are an intriguing people, i must admit i’m usually worried when they appear nearby though.
They deserve our empathy, they’ve been treated worse than any other race or creed, living alongside us and yet rarely welcome.
yet they’re British, or at least they are when it suits us (currently reading how her parents horses and menfolk were draughted for war, the women left to fend for the children with no way of moving their carriages.
No wonder they resent us nowadays.
there was a time when travellers were welcomed by the farmers, before machinery replaced them.

Gypsy accents are a strange thing, a melding of different shires and lands; irish gypsies, northern gypsies, anglian gypsies etc.
on the whole i think they have a colourful thoughtful way of talking, as do the welsh and irish people; and this comes across in the book, along with their own language.
the author Maggie Smith-Bendell has such a way of telling her memories, every sentence carries meaning for her and for us, i want to share the front cover of her and her family dotted about the beautiful romani wagon, but copyright this and that.


4 thoughts on “an unexpected book.”

  1. Ooh, sounds intriguing… I have gypsy ancestry, and can feel it in my blood from time to time. It was so much more than just a way of life- it was who they were/are. Guess I’ll be ordering myself a copy. 🙂

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