out n about in Bedfordshire

some old fashioned graffitti;


a view across a large swathe of Bedfordshire. when i used to cycle this road everyday, i would sometimes see where it was raining, a slight blurry mist in the distance.

On the edge of Bumpy Lane, a track that may date back to Roman times.
my old daily school walk;

This stone was erected in the Festival of Britain year to mark the birthplace of John Bunyan 1628-1688


And last but not least, just on the otherside of the hill from the last photo, visible on the Bedfordshire skyline for maybe ten miles from certain hills; The Cardington Sheds.

or as us kids nearby called them, ‘the hangers’.
originally used to house airships, the sheds were the biggest british ones in their day, till the R101 took a nosedive somewhere and aeroplanes became more fashionable.
i watched them decay as a teenager, then Hollywood came along and made a few Batman and Santa films in one hanger. the other is currently being restored.


4 thoughts on “out n about in Bedfordshire”

  1. it seems like other countries are better at preserving history that the USA. We are so into building up every area available that a lot of history is destroyed. Thanks for sharing xx

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