the smell of petrol induces indecision

my daughter is at my mum’s for the weekend, which means i can get the moped out.
i usually store it at my mums during the week as my area is thick with thieves.
why they’d wanna steal this piece of shit i don’t know but unless i’ve got eyes in the back of my head, the alarm goes off and the bike’s moved an inch.
so, while my sprog is at my mum’s, i keep the bike in the living room.
the problem is that it drips petrol, maybe a pint a week, so i have to put newspaper underneath to catch the drips.
last night it gave me a headache, hope i wasn’t too ‘far-out man’.
this morning the house stinks, it’s only a tiny leak, but this is only a tiny house.
the bike is between me and the telly, looking at me, like a skunk with the shits.

like a dog that eats Pedigree Chum for fun yet constantly secretes a nauseous green fetid cloud from it’s arse.
i should take the moped out, there are plenny of interesting places i mean to go back to, take the ipad as an overgrown camera to share my finds.


8 thoughts on “the smell of petrol induces indecision”

    1. i live between a slum or two, an industrial estate, and open fields.
      lots of alleyways leading everywhere and nowhere.
      my bro brought some cheap sledges last winter, we kept them by the front door while having a quick hot cuppa, we were only 5ft away, opened the door n found no sledges.
      the list of burglary, suspicious death, pilfering, mugging etc is a very long one round ere lol.
      this road’s not too bad,
      when a house on the next road is up for sale they advertise it as “near to Poppyfields”
      many times there are all types of police on the road, we aren’t allowed to know what’s up, but Yes! keep your child in doors until we’re gone.

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