Happy Birthday

it’s my friends birthday today, we’ve been friends since we were ten, which is rare nowadays.
i remember the first time he took me on a motorbike, up Bumpy Lane to home after Middle School 🙂
When he taught me how to ride a motorbike, man that was cool, the bike was a CZ175, it had a reverse gear which is rare on bikes, we found out by mistake 🙂
When we got caught skiving school in an electricity substation and blamed for nearly shorting three villages and an RAF camp. (it was cold outside). that got us an unnamed mention in the local paper.
when we learnt to make smoke rings.
sometimes we’d move away, girlfriends and what not, but we’d always end up nearby again.
i moved away to Wales when i was a teen, trying to find myself i guess, it was difficult being the only southerner or mockney, i got told someone was looking for me, it was my mate, 😀
we became known as The Bedford Boys, even in their newspaper hehehe.
when we took mushrooms for a season, he helped me when i nearly didn’t ‘come back’ a few times.
i was lucky when i moved there, i saw what Heroin does to people pretty quickly, my friend didn’t see until it was too late. by then i was back in Bedford, my mate came back with an addiction.
nobody knew. i kept getting told that he’s back in the area but i wasn’t sure.
one day i was walking about town, paying bills, i could hear someone calling Gary, Gary, Gary,
how many garys are there in a busy town, took me ages to think it might be me they’re calling, it was my mate, he’d been trying to find me for a month 🙂
he was the dude that shared my bike ride to Felixtowe and back. i didn’t trust anyone else and couldn’t have done it without him.
We’ve shared a lot of adventures, getting arrested more often that not,
my mum thought i was following him into all sorts of trouble, it’s just that he had some cool ideas hehehe, but she always liked him cos he’s likable anyway, gift of the gab.
his parents hated me, seeing as we were always in trouble, but i’ve earnt their respect since my daughter was born 🙂
when i was taking my forklift licence, he foned me each day to remind me i was gonna pass with flying colours, which i did 🙂
he took his driving licence and passed last year, i’ve never been so proud of any friend! 🙂
Let’s raise a glass to my main man, partner in crime, Gow.
anyway, this weed won’t smoke itself you know, i’m off to share it with the Birthday Boy

Any Thoughts?

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