nasty excuse of a man.

i truly hope that he will be reborn as a Penguin and caught by a Leopard Seal or Orca Whale, and used as a toy by them.
or born as a Wildebeest and used as a practice kill by young inexperienced Lions, with an extremely slow and painful death as one Lion holds his neck while the other young Lions gain entry to his meat through the soft entrance of his arse.
religion should never forced upon a person, nor used as a punishment.
i truly hope that Kharma or his Allah will find a suitable punishment.

9 thoughts on “nasty excuse of a man.”

  1. wow, they dropped the charges cause the mother seemed to have withdrew? They didn’t need the mother to file charges! What about their teachers at school? Surely they could testify of abuse! We never know what children are having to go through in the privacy of their own parents home. It is so sad.

    1. yea, our system is on a meltdown, it seems as though our system is always scared to step up against the bully parents while pointing fingers at parents that are more vulnerable and yet who try their best with love.
      our care system is crazy, the same days paper also points out how despicable our local care homes are.
      i’ve tried to stop reading papers but noticed these today 😦

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