dear diary

Dear diary
today has been a funny ol’ day,
i went and helped out in the charity shop because it’s Thor’s day.
not half an hour had gone by and the nice old ladies upstairs rushed down with a blanket due to a phone call,
a muntjac deer was in the centre of town, maybe two hundred metres away from us, on a scrubland that’s being chopped down for construction of whatever, i got another girl to mind the fort and ran with them.
some guys were cuttin’ everything down with something like a petrol engine scythe and had scared it from it’s hollow, it found a gap in some construction fencing and bolted onto the road by the police station & it was gone from sight.
we were worried it might hit a car but it just vanished in the right directions 🙂
when i got back there were some magazines of animal cruelty convictions (it’s partly why we raise funds).
there were the usual cases but i noticed, farmers, vets, an author of equestrian books, a hedgehog farm, i was surprised, these people should know better!
but more scary was the lady who would just take cats off the street because they “needed her”.
she thought that her psychic ability was better than veterinary care!
they spoilt my mood a bit.

i stayed ’til half two.

my daughters in a drama club at school so after dinner we traipsed back to school, it was an experimental play where instead of a stage, they used different rooms and edges of the playing fields that have different themes.
totally cheered me up! 😀
it was based on different African folk stories of a mystical character called Anansi, in parts it reminded me of Aesop’s fables, you know the one about the Fox and the Heron sharing their dinners with each other 🙂

it’s white really but this ‘camera’ is rubbish.


Any Thoughts?

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