110. new. i would that you were here.

i would take you in a tangle of our arms and legs

caress your breasts as we share our breath

nip your lips with my teeth

you on top with me underneath.

my lust i bequeath

can you feel my heat?

skin to skin as i slip slowly within

your maternal thighs that would make Venus cry in jealousy

while we breathlessly buck

my hands on your hips and arse

as we thrust and laugh at some saucy shared thoughts

throw you over onto all fours so i can taste your main course

as you swallow this horse 😉

that you’ve created with baited breath

and i nibble where your legs cleft

making you moan with my own in your mouth,

your tongue tickles as we joust;

should i pull out?

wet breasts and chest shimmer with sweat

as we lay in bed

our heartbeat slows to rest as we cuddle, content.

Any Thoughts?

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