helium and other irrelevance

i found out last night that helium isn’t a renewable resource. and that they expect it to have run out within a hundred years.
Apparently, whenever we use helium in balloons or for high pitch voices, the gas that escapes truly does escape the confines of Earth and ascends to outer space.
They said that helium is important in hospitals for hospital type stuff but what they didn’t say is whether all this helium loss is making our planet any heavier and whether it matters.
then this program went on to talk about possibly mining our moon for minerals but decided it would be too expensive. they didn’t think whether it would possibly make the moon lighter, thus possibly affecting Earth’s gravitational pull on our moon. but i did… mainly because i was stoned.


3 thoughts on “helium and other irrelevance”

  1. :O HAHA! I am not kidding, a friend of mine brought up that very same point several months back, about mining the moon, and he had the same concern you just voiced. And he was probably stoned too. 😉

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